Ordering & Payments

  1. All products available for purchase are described on their specific product page on the BB Furnishing website. All of our products are designed for home use.
  2. BB Furnishing tries to represent as accurately as possible every characteristic of the products via photographs and unique selling points provided by the designers, suppliers and manufacturers.
  3. BB Furnishing reserves the right to amend the specifications of products, their prices, packaging and any associated services at any time without prior notice.
  4. BB Furnishing does not guarantee that colors and details in website images are 100% accurate representations of the products and approximate sizes. Hence, before ordering, BB Furnishing strongly recommends that all customers have a close look at the product descriptions and characteristics. BB Furnishing has tried to provide the best images and descriptions possible. 
  5. Before placing an order, it is customer’s responsibility to check and determine their full ability to receive the products. This includes ensuring that the products ordered will pass freely into their room of choice, and that the products fit in that room, can be transported through the front door of customer’s flat or room, stairs and doorways, and any other issues that could make the delivery more complicated or impossible to process. Otherwise, customer is fully liable for all additional charges or costs due to complications or missed deliveries.
  6. Up-to-date mobile phone numbers, delivery address, and email address are essential to ensure the successful delivery of orders. BB Furnishing will not be responsible for missed deliveries because of wrong delivery addresses or inaccurate phone numbers.
  7. Customer has the responsibility too to check on the accuracy of the written invoice and verify with showroom staff before signing the agreement or invoice to confirm the order. Customer can call our service line to check for any details before making any online purchase.
  8. All custom made and display items will need to make full payment before order can be processed.
  9. All prices stated in our website are in Singapore dollars.
  10. All prices stated in this website are inclusive of 7% GST, unless otherwise stated.
  11. Prices do not include assembly and delivery charges, unless otherwise stated.
  12. Applicable and valid vouchers are acceptable at our website, and will adhere strictly to the BB Furnishing’s terms and conditions of sales.
  13. Customers are to check with BB Furnishing to confirm on the acceptance of the vouchers before making any orders and purchases.
  14. Modes of payment accepted by showroom include credit cards, bank transfer, cheque, cash. Online store accepts credit card and bank transfer only. Orders are confirmed only after payment has been verified for cheque clearance and bank transfer.
  15. BB Furnishing reserves the rights to adjust prices for service and warranty visits without notice or permission from any party.

Updated: 30 May 2015