NatureSpine Mattress with Designer Bedframe

NatureSpine Mattress with Designer Bedframe

Created using Orthopedic Pocketed Spring & Belgium Knitted Bamboo Ticking.

Available Sizes :
Single : W091cm x L190cm x H25cm (10 inch) $2597
Super Single : W107cm x L190cm x H25cm (10 inch) $2797
Queen : W152cm x L190cm x H25cm (10 inch) $3247
King : W180cm x L190cm x H25cm (10 inch) $3947

Special : Customize sizes available.
Email for further enquiry.


Brand : Sleepy Night
Model : NatureSpine Mattress
Distributing Country : Singapore
Ticking : Belgium Knitted Bamboo Ticking
Comfort Layer : Organic Natural Latex
Supporting Layer : Posture Spinal Support
Foam Edge : High Density Edge Guard
Spring System : Orthopedic Pocketed Spring
Firmness Indication : Firm

Designer Bedframe Model: August Storage & Drawer

“NatureSpine” mattress by Sleepy Night, equipped with orthopedic pocketed spring and comes with premium bamboo knitted fabric, with underlying natural latex provides an excellent sensation for an ultimate comfort sleep.

Bamboo fabric is similar to the softness of silk. The fibres are naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin, making bamboo fabric hypoallergenic and perfect for those who experience allergic reactions to other natural fibres such as wool or hemp.

On that same note, bamboo is also antibacterial and antifungal. This is because bamboo possesses an anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent called "Bamboo Kun", allowing it to naturally flourish and grow in the wild without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

This beneficial quality of the plant remains in its fabric form, keeping it fresher and odor-free for longer, making the fabric healthier and more hygienic.

Unlike many of the other fabric, bamboo is extremely breathable. The natural bamboo plant keeps itself cool in the heat and like its other properties, is also maintained in its fabric form. The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric better moisture absorption and ventilation. Bamboo fabric is also “anti-static”.

The underlying layer of natural latex further helps to achieve maximum pressure relief as it responds naturally to support your body’s shape, providing proper alignment and ultimate comfort.

Natural latex is highly elastic so they provide good orthopedic support and firmness to cater to the needs of consumers seeking support where they need most.

The mattress firm support is most ideal for back sleepers as well as those who has a preference for firmer mattress.


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