Lemon Law Information

What the Lemon Law Does Not Cover.

Just a few points to note about the Lemon Law. Consumers are not entitled to remedies under the following conditions.

  1. Consumers are not entitled to a remedy if they damaged the item, eg the defect was caused by the consumer through misuse, inappropriate storage or care or unauthorized repair.
  2. The fault was caused by wear and tear or natural detioration.
  3. They knew about the fault before they bought the goods.
  4. The goods are not defective but the consumer simply changed his or her mind or found the item to be unsuitable for a special purpose.
  5. In some cases, sellers may seek recourse against the consumers and/or bar the consumers from their premises for causing a nuisance. Fraudulent claims may give rise to criminal liability.
  6. Lemon Laws provide remedies against goods that fail to conform to contract at the time of delivery.

Updated: 30 May 2015