Delivery Matters

Unless otherwise stated, delivery and/or installation services are chargeable for all purchases (showroom, commercial and online).

  1. The customer has to ensure the path from BB Furnishing or supplier’s transport vehicle to their home is unobstructed and of sufficient width so as to allow BB Furnishing or supplier’s employees to deliver the goods to the customer’s home without injury to goods and persons. The customer is responsible for ensuring his/her ability to receive the goods in good condition, and to check the products before signing the delivery order.
  2. The customer is responsible for inspecting and measuring the size of lifts, height limits of car park gantry barriers, informing the private premise’s security officer and to check availability of loading bay areas for loading and unloading of goods and duly advising the salesperson and/or customer service officer via email, call or text to ensure smooth delivery.
  3. Delivery charges are applicable for all purchased items including free gifts, and servicing. There will be ADDITIONAL Fees for manual deliveries up/down staircases and dismantling of goods to fit into building lifts and staircases. Prices will be quoted separately and are to be paid in full before commencement of any manual delivery.
  4. The BB Furnishing or supplier’s delivery service excludes the dismantling of any fixtures, shifting of furniture or fragile objects or plants, cleaning of existing debris or dirt, disposal of existing furniture, garbage removal, or electrical and mechanical works.
  5. BB Furnishing or supplier’s delivery personnel are not allowed to remove any item(s) from customers’ premises during delivery for any purpose, including disposal, unless it is an Ordered Service.
  6. The safety of BB Furnishing or supplier’s delivery personnel at or around the customer’s premises is the responsibility of the customer.
  7. Dates entered by the customer during the checkout procedure for online purchases or indicated on printed or written invoices are not binding. The final delivery date and estimated time are subject to BB Furnishing or supplier’s further communication with the customer to finalize.
  8. Delivery services are available from Monday to Thursday (10am to 5pm) and Friday to Saturday (10am to 9pm). There are no delivery services on Sunday and Public Holiday.
  9. Additional charges may be applicable for remote or difficult to access locations that require special attention (Sentosa and Jurong Island, military or government offices, airport, etc).
  10. In the event that customer or his/her appointed representative is not present on the scheduled date and time of delivery, an additional delivery fee will be charged for the next visit (SGD50.00 for Monday – Friday excluding Public Holidays and SGD80.00 for Saturdays).
  11. The customer shall be responsible for calling in to reschedule any missed deliveries; the rescheduling of deliveries can be made via our servicing hotline or by email or by contact us form.
  12. The delivery dates stated on invoices are merely indicative and non-contractual. Such dates are on a best-effort basis.
  13. Prices for the mentioned services may be changed from time to time at the sole discretion of BB Furnishing or our suppliers.

Updated: 30 May 2015